I’m a serialpreneur, international speaker, business credit expert, educator, author and single mom to teenage daughters.

After migrating from the cold winters of Grand Rapids, MI, I landed a job in Atlanta, GA working for the United States Department of Homeland Security. Soon after being hired, I realized that my main goals were time freedom and financial freedom. So, I fired my boss to pursue my dreams of starting my own business and spending more time with my daughters.

Once I became self-employed, I quickly learned that there was a lot that I needed to learn. I was not left with a blueprint neither did I have a business mentor. Most of my teachings came from research or trial and error. From there I decided to journal my lessons and share them with my community. 

I have now created a flawless system to show business owners how to fund a start-up company using “opm” and business credit. There is no reason to fund a business out of your savings, retirement, or personal bank account. I have also dedicated myself to offering one-on-one coaching and mentoring programs for those who need more guidance or hand-holding. 

Coach Me Jewell is a brand that believes in elevation, faith, and manifestation. I want to help you become addicted to execution by showing you the way to success with an easier process. 

My goal is to see more business owners get rich, grow wiser, have strong business foundations, and create multiple streams of income. I want for every business owner to recognize that being an entrepreneur is a superpower. 

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